Colocation (location of equipment in the Data Center) is a service to providing rental space in a server rack or full rack, for hosting servers or other equipment. This is a profitable solution, that allows to save money on purchasing your own infrastructure.

It is possible to place both standard Rackmount equipment and non-standard: Tower, DVRs, NAS, SAN, etc.

Form factor1U2U4U8U14U21U42U
1U2U4U8U1/3 Rack1/2 RackFull Rack
Rack Mount Kit 19"if available, installation is free / if not, installation of an additional shelf 200 UAH / month
Power consumption, Wnot included in the tariff
Power port, pcs.2 - 24
Connected UPSincluded in the tariff
Port, Mbps 100 - 10 000
IPv4, pcs./30 - /20
IPv6, pack/126 - /64
Trafficno limits*
Server installation included in the tariff
DDoS protectionBGP Flow Spec
Price for the period, UAH
1month785,001035,001 785,002 585,004 585,004 965,008 745,00

* The traffic is 10TB/month, when exceeded, the port speed decreases to 10 Mbps until the end of the current month.

In addition, you get:

  • CISCO switching equipment, a scalable channel up to 40 Gbit/s for your needs;
  • inclusion into traffic exchange points UA-IX, DTEL-IX, DATA-IX, KH-IX, Giganet.UA;
  • protection against DDoS attacks on the server. Only attacking bots are blocked, normal visitors are not blocked;
  • server rack height of 42U with a constructive 19 «;
  • power distribution unit with sockets;
  • uninterrupted power supply;
  • efficient cooling of server and network equipment;
  • providing all the necessary accessories for equipment placement and switching infrastructure.

Rentable racks can be equipped with additional security systems and CCTV.
The advantages of hosting the server in our data center:

  • savings on the financing of capital investments in the construction of data centers;
  • saving on equipment of machine rooms;
  • savings on training and maintenance of specialized technical support staff;
  • You get the engineering infrastructure, made in accordance with the highest international requirements.