Hosting Provider «MAXNET» provides professional hosting services in Ukraine.
We provide high-quality hosting, using the latest technology at affordable price.

Our Aim

— is to open new possibilities of hosting technology, continuously improving the level of customer service.

website_hostingOur marketing policy is based on the principle of low prices and reliability of hosting services in Ukraine. This strategy allows to expand the circle of users of paid hosting, making it available for the mass consumer.

Hosting Provider "MAXNET" - has been a proven reliable partner for years. Having launched in 2002, the company has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of its services, proving the partners that entrusting their projects in the hands of MAXNET employees is a guarantee of reliability and success rate!

Our clients' sites work without interruptions and delays due to the fact that we place them on servers with high reliability and fast access speed.

The Advantages of our Hosting

  • Own Equipment

    The status of any hosting operator is characterized by their own equipment. To ensure stable and uninterrupted operation of customer sites "MAXNET" uses its own equipment, which is available in our modern data centers in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This means that the benefits of working with us, compared to the hosting providers involved in the so-called reselling (hiring third-party equipment and intermediary services), are visible to the naked eye.
  • Smooth Operation

    In the organization of the hosting systems smooth operation, we use high-performance certified equipment of well-known manufacturers such as Dell, HP, MikroTik, Supermicro, Cisco and others. Our Data Center is connected to its own high-speed data channels, which ensures the stability of communication and ease of working within the services provided. Smooth operation of server hardware is provided by systems of backup power and additional communication channels.
  • Ease of Use

    The company's clients are able to conveniently manage their settings, thanks to the control system ISP Manager. Customer Support provides assistance to customers around-the-clock with minimal delays in responses.
  • Wide Range of Services

    The constantly increasing range of Internet services provided in Ukraine in the field of web hosting solutions will allow you to ensure the performance of your projects with maximal reliability and quality. Currently, the hosting provider "MAXNET" offers virtual web hosting services in Ukraine and abroad with support of PHP, MySQL, CGI, SSI, .htaccess, domain registration, as well as VPS / VDS virtual servers.