Hosting is a part of a user-rent server space and allows the site to stay online. Server Data is provided by uninterrupted access to the Internet and runs 24/7/365, that allows to access to your site or project at any time.

from 10,00 UAH/month
from 39,00 UAH/month
from66,00 UAH/month
from103,00 UAH/month
from 216,00 UAH/month
from 375,00 UAH/month
Disk space500 Mb1 Gb5 Gb10 Gb25 Gb50 Gb
Amount of sites11unlimited
Email boxesunlimited
Amount of MySQL databasesno
Antispam SpamAssassinyes
Парковка DNS зоны для сайтабесплатно
Price for the period, UAH
1 month12,00 UAH46,00 UAH77,00 UAH120,00 UAH205,00 UAH435,00 UAH
3 months33,00 UAH130,00 UAH220,00 UAH343,00 UAH714,00 UAH1 241,00 UAH
6 months62,00 UAH247,00 UAH418,00 UAH653,00 UAH1 359,00 UAH2 363,00 UAH
1 year120,00 UAH468,00 UAH792,00 UAH1 236,00 UAH2 592,00 UAH4 500,00 UAH
Domain as a present, while paying for from2 years1 year6 months3 months
SSL-certificate Comodo Positivе SSL as a presentwhile paying for from 6 months
Amount of FTP accountsunlimited
Control panelISPmanager Lite 5
PHP supporting versions5.2 — 7.0
Test period7 days

File to test the speed of downloading: 100Mb
You can check the server response speed from the Network you are interested in by the IP:

*Package IRON is «lowcost», so this package does not allow the use of a database, use of the package is possible as mail service or for a small website, resume, price list, location map, contact information, details, organization product catalogs, home pages of users.