“MAXNET” offers Hosting on modern SSD (solid-state drive) disks, which allow increasing the speed of IOPS hosting (the number of input / output operations) more than 5 times for your sites, photos, videos, mail, databases. Using of SSD drives is relevant for online stores, large databases, highly loaded systems, etc.

from 46,00 UAH per month
from 90,00 UAH per month
SSD 10
from 130,00 UAH per month
SSD 15
from 190,00UAH per month
Disk Space1 Gb5 Gb10 Gb15 Gb
Number of Stes1Unlimited
Number of MailboxesUnlimited
Number of Databases MySQLUnlimited
Number of SubdomainsUnlimited
Antispam SpamAssassinIncluded
DNS zones ParkingIncluded
Price for the period,
1 month53,00 UAH105,00 UAH150,00 UAH220,00 UAH
3 month152,00 UAH298,00 UAH430,00 UAH630,00 UAH
6 month290,00 UAH567,00 UAH820,00 UAH1 197,00 UAH
1 year552,00 UAH1 080,00 UAH 1 560,00 UAH2 280,00 UAH
Domain as a gift when paying for2 years1 year6 months3 months
SSL-certificate Comodo Positivе SSLas a giftwhen paying for 1 yearwhen paying for 6 month
Number of FTP-accountsUnlimited
Control PanelISPmanager Lite 5
Supported PHP Versions 5.2 — 7.0
Test period7 days

We provide IP-addresses v4, v6 version
You can check the server response speed by IP: (https://prohost.maxnet.ua/lg)